Dan Smith (The Anatomy Of) has been a songwriter since he was seven years old. Writing music began as a diary that allowed him to express himself in ways that words alone could not. Over time, Dan has broadened his writing to allow him to narrate from different character perspectives and each of their truths.

Dan grew up in the Twin Cities, and his life has been a reflection of the universal human experience - beauty, hardship, imbalance, hope, and overcoming adversity. These moments have inspired Dan to create music that honors and connects people to all of the experiences of life. The Anatomy Of, to him, is the medium to share these stories with you.

While attending college in Duluth, Minnesota, Dan met his band mate and best friend Nick Glass. They played shows while becoming classically trained in voice and bass, respectively. The partnership formed organically, and Nick has added a great deal of talent and flavor to the duo. Today, they melt the sounds of folk, jazz, blues, and soul with lush acoustic instrumentation together.

The Anatomy Of has evolved over time, and has been sustained through moves, addictions, relationships, travels, trials, and triumphs. They have played shows across the Midwest in coffee houses, bars, mansions, cabins, churches, corporate events, and colleges. The Anatomy Of hopes to continue their endeavors in songwriting and storytelling in a variety of venues, while exploring new ways to reach a wide range of audiences. It is important for them to play for all who want to listen, including those who are homeless, addicted, lost, and in need. They can't wait to play for you.

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